Monday, 23 November 2009

New Workplace Investigation Support

We are continuing to financially support the National Bullying Helpline charity (No 1117852) and to capitalise on the work we are doing in the area of Investigations we are opening up access to our current services.

Especially in the Public sector we are seeing organisations in need of our independent view on workplace malpractice, but wanting to carry out the investigation themselves. This has the advantage of increasing the investigative skills of their own staff and reducing both the cost of the investigation itself and the exposure to the risk of litigation.

HR & Diversity Management Ltd (HR&DM) is launching a Training programme to help in each of these areas.

For each organisation that wishes to take part we will:

1. Provide a 1 day training course on how to carry out a full investigation using the copyrighted '20 step guide to Investigations' The course will be delivered by one of our experienced investigators.
2. Provide a full copy of the '20 step guide to Investigations'
3. Provide support as necessary during the first and subsequent investigations.
4. When an investigation has been carried out, an HR&DM experienced investigator will review findings to ensure any bias has been removed and that the investigation has been carried out in compliance with the '20 step guide to Investigations'.

This last step is vital from a complainant acceptance point of view. It is well known that strong complainants may not accept internal investigation findings that do not go in their favour, with the oft quoted view - 'Well they would find in favour of their employer wouldn't they?'

For further details please call David Pratt on 01793 338888.