Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Marketing Mistake - 3

Not Using All 7 'Profit Multipliers'

How many ways do you think there are to grow a business? You may be surprised to learn there are just 7 ways. Each one of these is what we call a 'Profit Multiplier.'

You must use all 7 to successfully grow your business. If you do I guarantee your business will reach or at least get very close to its potential very quickly.

It is my estimation that your are using only one or possibly two of these Business Growth Multipliers (and these could be improved significantly). Here they are:

1. Lead Generation - Getting more qualified leads.
2. Improving conversion rate.
3. Increasing average sales value.
4. Increasing Profit Margin.
5. Increasing the number of purchases.
6. Increasing Customer Loyalty.
7. More referrals from Customers.

There are numerous proven strategies you can apply to massively improve each of these 7 key areas, and by combining the power of each multiplier you have the ability to grow your business to heights you never thought were possible.

If you would appreciate some help and support in implementing the 7 Business Growth Areas just call this website on 01793 338888.

Published by courtesy of Alchemy Networks Ltd

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